Anonymous asked: i hate gays like why would anyone choose to be gay i think its gross


As you do have your freedom of speech, your ignorance is disgusting.

Please do so and tell me when you became straight? We’re you born straight? Or perhaps you grew up from a mother and a father who probably always asked you “do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?” or maybe your attraction to the opposite sex is just how you think and what you prefer?

Maybe it would be a bit different if you were born in a household raised by your two uncles, or maybe you were adopted by a same-sex couple.

No one chooses to be gay, and no one chooses to be straight either.

It’s just like in my perspective as how most people hate body modifications and do not accept them, yet others love them and want a lot of them.

Perspective is an actual thing, and obviously so is your ignorance and unintelligent remarks as ‘gays are gross.’